Turbo Duo/R/RX & Supergrafx RGB Kit

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Voultar's Turbo Duo/R/RX & Supergrafx RGB kit is the first in its class to incorporate a THS7374 for a sharper image with a properly buffered C-Sync for 75Ω impedance.
Features & Info
Voultar designed this kit from the ground up to be the ultimate cocktail for the PC-E platform. The kit is designed primarily to be paired with the Turbo-Duo/R/RX & SuperGrafx systems, but it also compatible with all other PC-E variants. The low-pass filter of the 7374 can be enabled/disabled by manipulating the solder strap. C-Sync is now pulled directly from the HUC6260 and is properly buffered through the 4th channel of the 7374 for 75Ω source terminations. The RGB output has been properly attenuated to the correct amplitude and voltage that will yield a picture with perfect color balance and no over-saturation, ringing or ghosting.
Kit Includes
  • Fully assembled RGB Circuit
  • Jail-Bar Capacitors
  • Duo 270° Din-8 Connector
Installation Instructions
This PCB is considered a "complete" DIY product. The 6260 (chip that outputs RGBS) can be widely found on the internet
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