I hope to re-open the store at some point during the week of May 25-29. Some prices may increase due to the worse exchange rate. All HD Retrovision and RetroTINK products should be back in stock except Genesis and SNES cables.

During the pandemic, I will only be shipping orders twice a week, and only via tracked shipping methods.

Getting retro gaming stuff in Canada is tough. Many things cost a ton to ship to Canada, get hit with unexpected fees at the border, or simply can't be shipped here. RetroStuff Canada aims to help with this by selling retro gaming products directly in Canada. We focus on enthusiast products, but let us know if you have suggestions for products you'd like us to carry.

Important! Our distribution agreement with HD Retrovision requires us to handle all support for their products. Contact us, not them. Voultar's products are sold as-is with no support or warranty.


RetroStuff Canada is proud to be an official distributor for the following brands: