Warranty and Shipping Policies

v2.1, valid for orders fulfilled after 24 November 2019 until replaced. 

Lost/Damaged Shipments (All Products)

We do not directly provide compensation for products lost or damaged during shipping. If you selected a shipping option that included insurance coverage, please send an email to including all pertinent proof of damage (including photos of the condition of the box prior to opening and photos of the condition of the product). We will file an insurance claim with the carrier on your behalf. If the claim is accepted by the carrier, we will provide you with a refund equal in value to the insurance coverage. We are not responsible for any denied claims.

Please contact us immediately if the item is lost or damaged in shipping. Carriers have a limited window in which a claim for loss or damage can be made. We are not responsible for the claim being denied if we are unable to submit the claim within the carrier’s window, or for any other reason.

Warranty (HD Retrovision® Products) provides a limited warranty for defects for HD Retrovision® products in compliance with HD Retrovision®’s warranty policy ( We do not provide any returns or refunds for incompatibilities, as it is the customer’s responsibility to test their equipment for 240p/288p compatibility with the specific consoles prior to purchase. We do not provide any returns or refunds if you decide that you don’t like or want the product. We only cover products not performing to their design specifications. This does not include any mechanical or electrical damage caused by the end-user or forces outside of our control. Please see the HD Retrovision® warranty for more information on what is covered.

For a period of one year after ordering, will work to determine whether the unit is defective or incompatible with your equipment. The customer may be required to provide with some additional information, including the model of the customer’s television or other equipment. Contact to begin this process. Once the item has been received by, we will then determine if the unit is defective. If the unit is found to be defective, will ship a replacement if one is available, or refund the original purchase price if one is not. Replacements are warrantied for thirty days or the original one-year warranty term, whichever is longer. If the unit is found to be working or damaged in a way not covered by the warranty, the customer can choose to pay the shipping cost to have the item returned to them, or forfeit the item.

Warranty (Other Products)

All other products are sold AS-IS and do not include any warranty, express or implied, from Please contact the manufacturer of the product for any warranty or support that may be available. Voultar products do not include any warranty or support from the manufacturer.

Warranty offered by, 815-2021 Atwater, Montreal QC H3H 2P2