Model 2 to Model 1 Genesis A/V Port Adapter

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Converts a male Model 2 Genesis 9-pin mini-DIN connector to a male Model 1 Genesis 262° 8-pin DIN connector. Use it in conjunction with our Genesis YPbPr component cable to allow it to be used with a Model 1 Genesis or Master System. This adapter was also designed so that it may be used as a replacement for the "conversion cable" included with 32X consoles ("link cable" still required for full connection to 32X). However, do not use the official 32X conversion cable as a replacement for the adapter listed here (otherwise, the audio won't work).

The specific list of known supported consoles can be found here. Though it may work with others that haven't been tested, it cannot be guaranteed.

Warning: Do not use this adapter with the Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD, or any other console with a 270° style 8-pin DIN connector. We offer a separate adapter for Neo Geo consoles.

Your television or display must be able to support "240p" video over YPbPr to use this product. Please test your specific equipment using this simple test procedure. This test should be run for each console with which you wish to use with the cables.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS FOR PROBLEMS DUE TO INCOMPATIBILITY. Please read and agree to our Return Policy prior to purchasing.

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