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A version supporting RGB input has been one of the biggest requests since the release of the 2X-Classic. Here it is, based on the same new platform introduced by the Pro:

  • Professional injection-moulded enclosure
  • SCANLINE mode
  • USB firmware upgrade capability - no special tools needed
  • Plug-and-play operation: RGBs SCART in and HDMI output
  • Full-sized HDMI port
  • Power: MicroUSB input. Power supply and cord not included. The RT2X uses an advanced power supply filtering circuit and is tolerant of virtually any USB source. The best source would be the USB port on your TV/monitor.


  • The 2X-SCART is locked in Line2x mode.
  • This device only works with RGB SCART cables. SCART cables wired only for composite video will not work.
  • The use of Elgato capture cards with RetroTINK products is not recommended and we will not be able to provide technical support for Elgato equipment.

User Manual: RT2X_SCART_Manual.pdf

Note: These ship with the v1.0 firmware installed, but firmware updates are available.